serving of poppyseed chicken

Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole

Have you ever eaten Poppy Seed Chicken? It's just an old-fashioned, simple chicken casserole that shows up at most church potlucks or funeral gatherings here in the South. It's comfort food at its best—easy to prepare, easy to transport, can be made ahead, and is great for kids or adults. It's also delicious! You can make this casserole with chicken breasts but I prefer using a whole cooked chicken, and I usually just grab a rotisserie chicken from Publix because I think they add so much flavor to any dish that calls for a whole, shredded chicken. Plus, while you're shredding, someone has to eat some of that crispy, scrumptious skin! Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole is great with just a green salad or some roasted vegetables. I like to serve it with roasted green beans and a simple ...

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Peach and Blackberry Galette

An uncut peach and blackberry galette.

There's a window right in front of my desk, and outside that window are the branches of a dogwood tree. Those branches sway with the slightest wind, scratching and tapping the glass and always making me thing there's a visitor wanting to come in for a cup of tea. One of those branches already has a few yellow leaves, hinting that fall is just around the corner. Here in Georgia, we get a glimpse maybe in the morning or late evening but mostly it's still just hot. Very hot. And humid. Very humid. And because I'm not quite ready to let go of ...

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closeup of lemon bars on tray

Lemon Bars

Lemon bars are super easy for you to make but they are a dessert that seems elegant and ...

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Because a girl’s gotta have chocolate…


Nuts About Virginia

Years ago, I used to sit in Granny’s kitchen and watch television with her while she prepared dinner (which is what we now call lunch) or supper (which is what most people call dinner). In the afternoons, we watched The Stories, all her favorite soap operas. But in the mornings, we watched the first cooking…

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